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    Jirki Rug

    Şırnak (Jirki) and (Guyan) rugs have been handwoven on traditional looms in villages and nomad tents for centuries. The rugs are made from genuine wool yarn with natural madder dyes. All the patterns woven into the Şırnak rugs are unique to the region. There are almost fifty patterns and motifs used in these rugs, most inspired by nature, as well as the daily lives of the weavers and their families.

    Şal - Şapik

    A şal is a traditional, trouser-like garment sewn according to the height of the wearer. The şapik, worn over the şal, is a shirt with sleeves. Made of fabrics specific to Şırnak, these clothes keep the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Belkıs Ana Thermals

    Known locally as Belkisana (Belkıs Ana Kaplıcası) or Hesta Thermal, the thermal baths are within the borders of Düğünyurdu Village. The thermal building, extending in an east-west direction on the slope facing the Tigris River, consists of two sections. The old thermal is on the west side of the modern thermal buildings. 

    Zümrüt Thermal Waters

    The Zümrüt thermal (Zümrüt Kaplıcası) waters are in Ilıca Village, seven km from the Beytüşşebap district. Two baths were recently built, just south of the water flowing from the rocky west side of the Beytüşşebap Stream. The hot, sulphur-rich water is a consistent 39 C. The section where the facilities are located is accessed via a suspension bridge over the stream.