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    Mount Cudi

    More than 2,000 metres above sea level, Mount Cudi (Cudi Dağı) is covered with snow most of the year, offering ideal conditions for mountain hikes.

    In February, Mount Cudi’s daffodils bloom, covering the area with bright yellow blossoms and perfuming the air with their fragrance. 

    Mount Cudi is also believed to be the final destination for Noah’s Ark. In line with this this theory, many propose that Mount Cudi is where the second page of human history began.

    Faraşin Plateau

    Faraşin Plateau (Faraşin Yaylası), at an altitude of 2,625 metres, is covered with white snow in winter and is carpeted with lush green in spring. In Şırnak – where animal husbandry is among the primary sources of income – livestock owners graze their animals on this plateau. Offering excellent views, Faraşin Plateau is also an excellent destination for nature hikes.