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  • 10 vibes for Şırnak

    like locals

    Follow the path of Noah’s Ark; Cudi Mountain, believed to be the landing place of Noah’s Ark, is in Şırnak.

    Visit the Red Madrasa; Throughout its history, prominent scholars taught at the madrasa, which was given its name because it was built with the red bricks unique to Şırnak.

    Taste the local Şırnak dishes, which are mainly meat based; The cuisine of Şırnak, which has many of the typical characteristics of Eastern Anatolian Cuisine, is based mainly on meat. Don’t leave Şırnak without sampling içli köfte.

    Listen to Şırnak’s dengbej; You can listen to dengbej, the lyrical poets of Şırnak, at the dengbej house in the Cizre district.

    Heal in Şırnak’s thermal waters; Benefit from the healthy geothermal waters at Belkıs Main Thermals and at Zümrüt thermal in the clean air of Şırnak.